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Marketing Campaign

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Any marketing campaign is better than none. But a targeted and well coordinated effort is better that just any marketing campaign. Blindly casting different marketing activities here and there is a common trap and should be avoided. Finding a marketing strategy that gets results takes planning, coordination, and assessment. We will help you deploy an effective marketing campaign with our proven techniques. When you hire us, we will make sure essential components of your campaign are fine tuned to achieve results! We will collaborate with you to review and develop:

The Marketing Plan
The marketing plan provides the full scope of your marketing objectives and strategies. It includes defining your target market, competitors, goal, strategies, budget, and how the campaigns effectiveness will be monitored.
The Marketing Campaign Objective and Parameters

Just like it sounds, the marketing campaign objectives and parameters define what will be achieve and how long the campaign will last. For example, ABC Shoe Company will increase online sales of women’s sandals by 15% over the next six months. Being very specific without losing sight of your goals is critical in developing objectives. In addition, definite parameters allows you to assess if your efforts were effective, thereby informing future marketing campaigns about what strategies are most effective.

The Marketing Strategies to Communicate With Customers

Channels of communication come in a variety of forms. Do you want to use Direct Mail, Street Promotion, email, radio, magazine/bulletin, billboards, television, online advertising, or social media? We can help you  choose and implement the right methods to reach your audience. Many times several channels of communication are used. We will help you structure your campaign so you can tell the effectiveness of each channel.

The Timeline and Action Plan

The timeline and action plan is a detailed account of exactly you are going to do and when you are going to do it.  Not only does this help you implement the plan in a timely and methodical manner, it also is an important component  in order to evaluate the success of your marketing campaign.

The Assessment of Results

Once the dust settles it is time to assess the campaign to see how successful it was. Some campaigns may fall flat and not produce the results you were looking for, whereas others may exceed your targets. In addition, an assessment to include outside factors that could have altered results is important in determining if the campaign was affected by other variables. Calculating the results is a must and a very valuable step in the campaign process.

Adjustments to Future Marketing Campaign

Even if a marketing campaign did not reach the targets you set it is still valuable. Knowing what works does not always come easy. It may take some trial and error. Using the detailed results from your campaign will help you make decisions about the marketing strategies to use in future campaigns.